Saturday, March 1, 2014

Welcome to my Blog

Hey! I'm Hannah! I just started this blog, so it might not be the best. I am going to put up some awesome pictures later today. I just found out that my camera can take timed pictures, so I made some to look like I'm flying. I am 10 yrs old, and would LOVE it if you would post a comment. You don't have to if you think this is boring, though. I love writing books! I HAVE NOT finished these, but I AM working on: Nancy Drew and the Mysterious Footsteps in the Attic, TJ goes camping, and The Boxcar Children and the Giant Iceberg. If someone is interested, here are the descriptions:

The Mysterious Footsteps in the Attic
Nancy Drew's friend, George Fayne, has a very old attic. At night, George's mother hears footsteps in the attic! She asks Nancy for help, and Nancy's on the case. Meanwhile, she struggles to help her father with a smugglers case. She has to find out where the smuggler is hiding what he's stolen! Is there some connection? Find out when you read Nancy Drew and the Mysterious Footsteps in the Attic!!

TJ Goes Camping
TJ is going to go camping! But when they are slowed down by a storm, he thinks he'll never get there. And then, he misses out on the nature walk! Thinking He'll never get to go on it, he sneaks out at night to tour himself on the nature walk! He sees an odd bird, and chases it into the woods. Soon the bird got away. He tries to find the way back to camp, but he can't. Lost and alone, he tries to make a hut, but soon falls asleep. What will happen to him? Find out when you read TJ Goes Camping!!

The Giant Iceburg
The Boxcar Children are in Alaska! They all have fun until their love for adventures is stirred. They hear an old folktale that a priceless amount of gold was frozen in a HUGE iceberg, called the Goldenberg. Then, in their boat, they almost crash into what they think is the Goldenberg. Is the GIANT hunk of ice really the Goldenberg? Find out when you read The Boxcar Children and the Giant Iceberg.

(: Please tell me if you're interested!! :)