Thursday, April 23, 2015

How to make a Rainbow Loom Starburst Bracelet

How to make a Rainbow Loom Starburst Bracelet

(Please note: This is NOT my original design. I found this on YouTube, and Rainbow Loom invented it.)

I suggest rainbow loom products. All of the supplies I'm using are rainbow loom products, except the hook.

You will need: 41 white rubber bands, 18 blue rubber bands, 18 pink rubber bands, a hook, a loom, and a C-clip.

First, you need to put your loom in this formation, with the red arrow pointing away from you.

Next, take a single white rubber band, and hook it from peg one to peg two.

Now, continue down the side of the loom, and repeat this on the other side. At the end, don't forget to move inwards towards the last middle peg. This is what your loom should look like:

Now we are ready to place the starbands. these are the bands that form the star shapes on the bracelet.
First, choose one color and make a shape like shown below. Put them on in the order starting at one, then two, and so on. Move from the middle out to the number. Start at the top of your loom, and work your way down, continuing this pattern. You can place the colors on however you like, but I like to alternate.

Once this is finished, it is time to begin placing the cap bands. these are the bands that hold the bracelet together. first, take a white band. place it on your index and middle fingers. then, carefully remove it from one side, twist it, and slide it back on your finger, forming a figure eight. then, remove it from your middle finger, and slip it over two your index finger, forming a double-layered band. grab it with both fingers, and slide it onto one of the shown pegs (at bottom). repeat this process until you have covered all the shown pegs.

Now you should have something like this.

Now, we can begin hooking. Following the diagram below, you are going to reach under the cap band, and grab the first band. (The colored one) Now, hook it upwards, to the middle. The first ones are the only bands you will hook upwards. the rest you hook to the outside, reaching under the cap band,and grabbing the first one and hooking it outwards in this order. continue doing this until you reach the top of the loom.

Once this is finished, your room should look like this.

Now, we hook the outer bands. Go to the bottom of the loom, and reach under the cap band, grabbing the first band. If you followed what I said exactly, it should hook to the left. Go under all of the bands on the next peg, and pick up the last one, hooking it up. continue doing this until you reach the end of the loom. Repeat it on the other side. your loom should now look like this.

Now, slide your hook under all the bands on the last pin, and taking a white rubber band, grab it with your holding it with one finger and pull it through. continue this process on your hook, using up the remainder of your bands. Grab a band with your hook, pull it through the others, the drop the others and put the other side of the band on your hook.